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Did you know?

Maria Stolz Santas have been a Christmas tradition for 25 years, and continue to delight families all over the world.

Each Maria Stolz Santa is hand crafted in the United States using the finest silks, furs, wools, mohair and antique ornaments.

"I have purchased ten of them through the years and passed them onto my children and grandchildren," - A customer.

Dear Friends,

After years as a collector I continually ran across vintage quilts and furs. Something "pulled" at me and urged me to come up with a way to recycle those old treasures. I've always loved Santas and the Spirit of Christmas - it was a natural - Maria Stolz Santas was born 25 years ago.

Each Santa is signed, dated and numbered limited edition original. I make one Santa at a time watching their personalities emerge as I work and it is then I name them and decorate each as seems appropriate.

I try to be very particular about the materials I use recycling whenever I can. For their beards I use only natural lambs wool and angora. Each face is made from clay & fimo together , this is an old german recipe form my german doll maker grandmother. The eyes are glass and handmade for the antique dolls in Germany. Some Santas have hand carved feet. I won't use quilts and blankets that still have life left in them and can be used for their original purposes - that would break my heart - so, I find quilts that no one else wants because they aren't "perfect" but, that still have some beautiful areas left. I painstakingly piece them together to create a coat that projects the beauty of the original quilt. I like to think that I am prolonging the life of these wonderful old quilts that are an art form themselves. I then carefully match the different furs that I have collected from old coats and I choose the type and color that best accents the quilts. old blankets or fabric on each Santa.

I hope you will find designs that will become family heirlooms to be used year after year and that each of you will enjoy your Santas as much as I have enjoyed creating them.


Maria Stolz